Testing our New Tents on Camp

27th June 2024
Testing our New Tents on Camp

Some of the major events in our calendar are camps. Scouts is all about preparing young people with skills for life, and camping equips young people of all ages with confidence, independence, and how to look after themselves. For many of our younger members, Scout camps are their first nights away from home without their parents and family.

Camping at the frequency and scale that we do requires a vast amount of high-quality equipment. Our aim is to be able to provide all of our 100-plus members with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and spend time with their fellow Scouts. This is why we are constantly looking to maintain, update, and source suitable equipment.

We recently purchased three new five-man tents allowing us to take more young people camping. We would like to thank our supporter, Four Lanes Trust, for the grant that enabled us to purchase these tents. Our Cubs recently went on camp and got the chance to try out these new tents - they were certainly impressed!

Group of Beavers with our new tents
One of our new tents on camp
Cubs putting up one of our new tents
Group of Scouts with our new tents

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