New Pans and Knives for our Kitchen

11th June 2024
New Pans and Knives for our Kitchen

Cooking is a key skill for life, and we aim to equip our young people with some basic skills for their future. Part of the programme we put together for our Scouts revolves around cooking - whether that's pancakes with Beavers or Chinese food with Scouts. To keep everything running smoothly and safely, we need to ensure our equipment is suitable and in working order. After all, the Cubs will not be able to eat their Welsh cakes if they are stuck to the frying pan!

We recently purchased two new nonstick frying pans, along with some new kitchen knives, meaning that our volunteers will be able to teach these skills properly and they young people can enjoy their food. It makes such a huge difference having knives that can easily cut! This also provides our hall hirers with higher-quality catering equipment to meet their needs.

Thank you to Loddon Valley Lions for the grant they provided to purchase this equipment.

New knives and frying pans for our Scout hall

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