Beaver Scouts are the youngest section within our group. Young people can join Beavers in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday. When they reach eight years old, they can move up to the next section, 
Cub Scouts.

Being a Beaver is all about growing and learning in small but mighty ways. They master new skills, try new things and have fun. We also go on adventures, make friends and are curious about the world around them. They help others and make a difference, on their own doorsteps and beyond.

Here are some of the things you’ll get up to with your new friends.
Beavers in a hallAdult helping a Beaver with craft

Discover Beavers

Exploring the great outdoors
You’ll spend lots of time outside with your Colony. Together, you might build a den, or go on a trip to the seaside, or have a sleepover beneath the stars, because being a Beaver is all about making the most of what you have, wherever and whoever you are.
Trying new activities and learning new things
Going to Beavers is very different from going to school. Instead of learning from books, you’ll figure the world out by exploring, playing and doing.
The most important skills you’ll learn at Beavers are the ones that will make you feel super strong standing on your own two feet. We call these character skills. It’s all about having the courage to try new things and learn from them.
Helping others
Beavers work as a team to help other people, in their local communities and beyond. Whether they’re changing the whole world or helping a friend take the leap to try something new on a rainy night, they always lend a hand.
Each Colony is made up of young people aged 6 to 8, led by an adult Leader. Other adult volunteers are on hand to supervise activities, share their skills and keep everyone safe. In some groups, Beaver leaders are nicknamed after characters from nature, books or films. In others, Beavers call their leader by their real first name.

Within their Colony, some Beavers are also part of a Lodge. A Lodge is a smaller group of Beavers, usually headed up by a young person who takes on a peer leadership role (sometimes known as a Lodge Leader or Junior Leader).

Being a peer leader is about being a superhero for a little while – doing things like welcoming new people to the Colony, being extra helpful during a camp, or taking charge of a game or activity. Everyone takes it in turns to take on the challenge.

Beavers usually stand together in their Lodges at the beginning and end of meetings. They tend to stick together on trips away, or during certain activities.
As well as enjoying plenty of adventures, being a Beaver is about exploring who you are and what you stand for. These are big ideas, and when you join the Colony, you’ll start thinking about them by making a promise. A promise is a set of words that mean something to you, which you try to follow everyday.

Making the promise is a big celebration within the Colony. Every time a new Beaver decides to join, they chat through their promise with their leader before saying it out loud in front of their fellow Beavers. Family and friends might come along to see this, too. Doing this is called being ‘invested’ into Beavers, and it usually takes place once you’ve had a few weeks to settle in.

Everyone is unique but there are some things all Beavers agree on – such as treating everyone with kindness and promising to do their best. Depending on their own beliefs, they might also promise to live by their faith.

Beavers choose the promise that best suits them. Options can be found here.

Awards and Badges

There is a huge range of badges available which Beaver Scouts can wear on their uniforms to show everyone how much fun, challenge and adventure they are participating in, hopefully culminating in the top award for Beaver Scouts: The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.
The Beaver challenge awardsA selection of Beavers activity badges


Our uniform is a key identity of our movement. It helps us to look smart and creates a sense of unity. Every young person in our group gets invested into the movement and is presented with their neckerchief and group badges.

Beavers wear a light blue jumper, polo shirt and neckerchief along with smart shoes and trousers - often from their school uniform. To learn more about their uniform, head over to the Uniform page.
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