The Basics

Scouts is where young people make new friends, have amazing adventures and learn new skills.

Scouts are do-ers and give-it-a-go-ers. We go camping, hiking, swimming, abseiling, cycling along with a huge range of other activities. But we also get to hang out with our friends every week - having fun, playing games, working in a team and taking on new challenges, ultimately discovering our own special unique abilities and honing our 'thing'; from abseiling to coding to performance art and everything in between, reaching our full potential.

Every week our volunteers and young people work in partnership to develop the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams; the skills they need for life.

Everyone's welcome, all genders, races and backgrounds. Regardless of your child's physical ability - there's a Scout adventure just waiting for them, and we'll help them find it.
Two Scouts canoeingAn adult volunteer with a group of Beaver Scouts


Scouts gives young people endless opportunities to try new activities, face challenges and learn things that will help them cope and succeed in a wide variety of situations and challenges throughout their life.


All our adventures are made possible by the efforts of our dedicated team of hard-working adult volunteers. Out training scheme and one-to-one support ensures that each of our volunteers gets to make the best use of their skills and talents.

It is easy for you to get involved.
Find out more by going to our Volunteer page or by speaking to one of our leaders.
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