Structure & Values

Structure & Values
The structure and organisation of The Scouts can be confusing for new members, let us try and explain some of the basics for you.

The Scouts is a 'Bottom up' organisation, this is because our most important people are our young people, everything we do is based around them / their needs and what activities they want to do.

Have a look at the video to understand the Fundamental values that underpin The Scouts.
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Scouts Locally

Local Scouts - what you will see on a weekly basis is run at a Group level.
Each Group has different Sections for the different age groups of our members, and our leaders run all the weekly activities as well as extra activities such as camps.

District - as well as supporting the local groups also organise special larger events for the various sections, these could be Teddy bears picnic's, Camps, Competitions to name but a few.

County - are there to support the districts and groups, they organise special events like Paultons Park day trips, Survival camps, Jamboree style camps as well as running International experiences for members. They also organise and run training for our Leaders and Young Leaders.

Tadley Scouts falls within the Basingstoke West Scout District, which in turn is part of Hampshire County Scouts.
An image of Hampshire with Silchester District Scouts area highlighted in teal and Tadley located by a navy blue pin
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The Structure of The Scouts

The top tier of The Scouts is our Young People. They are the most important people which is why we have a 'Bottom Up' organisational structure.
The next tier of The Scouts is our Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders & Section Assistants. They provide the activities for the Young People.
Moving down, the next tier is our Group Scout Leader & Group Executive Committee. They ensure the Leaders have the required resources.
The next tier is the Scout District which is managed by the District Commissioner & District Exec. They are there to support the Groups.
Moving down, the next tier is the County which is managed by the County Commissioner & County Exec. They again offer support to the Districts.
And finally you end up at the UK Scout HQ which is headed up by the Chief Scout who has support from a number of Commissioners and an Executive Committee.
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