Our Scarecrows for Tadley's Scarecrow Trail

15th August 2020
Our Scarecrows for Tadley's Scarecrow Trail

The 2020 Tadley & Baughurst Scarecrow Trail had a new entry by our Cub Scouts. Spurred on by the amazing scarecrows our Beaver Scouts have created in previous years.

In line with this year's theme of "We're all going on a bug hunt!", the Beavers busied themselves making frogs of all shapes and sizes ready for their lily pond. The Cubs were left to wonder what a Weevil bug actually was, and then how they could make one thousands of times bigger!

This year's trail raised a whopping £2,897.55! They donated £950 to each of the nominated schools: Bishopswood Infant & Juniors, Tadley Primary and Burnham Copse Primary.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. We had a great time creating our masterpieces so we hope you all enjoyed seeing them.

You can find out more about the annual Scarecrow Trail on their Facebook group.

The Beavers final exhibit featured a mass of frogs, in all shapes and sizes on their very own lily pond, bull rushes included! All of the frogs were very unique with individual characters and expressions, if the faces are anything to go by, the Beavers had lots of fun making these delightful frogs.

The Cubs worked out that a Weevil bug lives in flour and is tiny, so they set about making a huge version of the bug with all its detailing of bumps and ridges on its outer body. The final result looked really good (if they do say so themselves). So they decided to make him an honorary member of our group with its very own Scout necker.

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